Kevin B. Handley, Ph.D., along with the Advisory Board consisting of Amy Sack, Ph.D., and Dustin Gordon, Ph.D., encourage program participants ie., psychologists, to declare any complaints or grievances. The following describes procedures once a complaint is received.  

If a psychologist has a grievance or complaint that is concerning the program’s speaker, the content presented by the speaker, or the speaker’s style of the presentation, it is requested that the psychologist put his/her comments in written format and email them to: The psychologist may remain anonymous. If the instructor is Kevin B. Handley, Ph.D. psychologists then address their grievances and complaints to the Advisory Committee consisting of Amy Sack, Ph.D., and Dustin Gordon, Ph.D.  

Psychologists’ comments are passed onto the specific instructor, while insuring the confidentiality of the psychologist. The speaker is requested to address the participant’s issue(s), either in writing, speaking, emailing, whichever meets the participant’s requested format for discussion. The final outcome of the concern, complaint, and/or grievance is determined by Dr. Handley, and the Advisory Committee. If Dr. Handley is the instructor, however, the final outcome of the concern, complaint, and/or grievance is determined by the Advisory Committee, consisting of Amy Sack, Ph.D., and Dustin Gordon, Ph.D.  

If the grievance or complaint concerns a workshop offering, its content in general and/or specifically, level of presentation, or the facilities in which the workshop was offered, Dr. Handley, Dr. Sack, and Dr. Gordon will attend to the psychologist’s concerns in the following manner, if the participant requests action.  

a) attempt to move the participant to another workshop or  

b) provide a credit for a subsequent year’s workshop or  

c) provide a partial or full refund of the workshop fee.  

If the psychologist’s grievance or complaint is in regard to a matter not listed on this document, the participant is encouraged to notify Dr. Handley in writing that includes:

Psychologist’s name 

Email address 

Telephone number(s) 

Mailing Address  

Psychologists may remain anonymous is they wish. JEH Growth Strategies, LLC, intends that all psychologists be satisfied. The organization is dedicated to mediating not only for the benefit of the organization, its presenters, and the Advisory Committee, but also for the benefit of the psychologist so that all parties are gratified.

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